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With over 2,500 initiated brothers since our founding, the Beta Mu Chapter of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity has been an important part of our Purdue and our fraternity experience. Through Beta we learned the importance of integrity, intellect, and high moral character. Beyond pride in our achievements, we acquired leadership skills, organizational skills, social skills, teamwork and character—only the beginning of a long list of traits gained through our fraternity that have made us the men we are today.


Beta Mu Focuses on Improving Alumni Relations

With activities on campus remaining strong and stable, now it’s time to focus on alumni relations. We would like feedback from our alumni on a few topics.

First of all, we would like to improve attendance at the various events. Presently, there are three annual events:

  • Homecoming
  • Conclave (event in Indianapolis every November for all Indiana chapters, both undergraduate and alumni)
  • Stag (renewed this year after an absence, including golf, basketball, skeet shooting, and a cookout with the undergraduates in April)

Regarding Homecoming, we have changed the format with a focus on a tailgate near the football stadium. That worked well last fall, and we intend to continue that tradition. This does limit the activities at the house, so of course we still want you to visit 150 Littleton.

We would appreciate feedback if there is interest in changing or adding any activities to keep us connected.

Next, we would like to upgrade the information on our website and enhancing this information. Please send us any pictures you may have or stories you can share of significance that can be included to preserve our history. Pictures could be of the house renovations, missing composites, famous alumni, intramural events, or social events, to name a few. Please email them to me, and I will include them in our archives. In addition, we would appreciate feedback on what information would be of interest to you. Be sure to keep your contact information updated, as well.

Yours in _kai_,
Tom Hoover ’82
Beta Mu House Corporation President

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